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We have created a suite of cooking timers for the iPad that won SILVER in the 2016 GLOBAL [app] Design Awards





Large Buttons

Large buttons that are easy to see and push


A dashboard at the top of the screen shows the status of the 12 timers

Multiple Timers

Twelve timers across three pages so you can pre-set multiple meals and multiple components of a meal


Each timer can be individually named. You can choose from a selection of Alarm sounds to suit your Kitchen


Timer duration can be set in hours minutes and seconds from 1 second to as long as you need.


You can Pause a timer for as long as you like and the timer will turn Orange until you press Resume


The amount of time you set is always displayed on each timer and it changes colour in relation to how much longer is left or if it has expired


After a timer reaches zero it will continue to count down until you reset the timer. You can toggle the timer’s display between duration and finish time. The timers work even if the app is not running

A stunning easy to use App that looks & works great on an iPad


  • *****

    The only cooking timer!

    “I have been using Well Done Cooking Timer for a while now, and I have to say – it’s by far the best cooking timer I have come across. The ability to plan the whole recipe across the board is something that I’ve never seen before! I can’t recommend this enough and my mum absolutely loves it! Give it a go for yourself!”

  • *****

    Lots on the boil! 

    “This is a great app. It allows you to keep a timer going on many parts of your cooking and make sure that nothing is over or underdone. Large clocks numbers means you can see it all easily too.”


    my friends best friend
  • *****

    Dating delight!

    “My Mum says that a good way to impress a girl is to cook a home-cooked meal. I gave it a go and burnt the meal. There were no cuddles that night (!).
    So then my Mum said you must get a good cooking timer so you know when the meal will be ready. So I bought the Well Done Cooking Timers app and made a fabulous meal for my girlfriend and now she wants us to move in together. Awesome!


    Dating Dave

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the timer?

Click on the app icon. Choose the panel or page you wish to set-up your timer and click on “Set Timer”. This brings up a separate panel where you can enter a “Title” such as the item/task you wish to time. Then choose how much time you want the item to cook for e.g. 45 minutes. Then choose the alarm tone. Once you are happy with what you have set up, touch the save button and you are ready to go. When you're ready to have your item be timed, simply touch the relevant timer panel for the item (note it’s big enough so you can do it with your elbow!) and it will start counting down.

What if I need to pause the timer for some reason?

Yes, you can pause the timer if you need to. Simply touch the pause button on a running timer. And when you are ready to continue the timer simply touch the resume button on the timer panel.

If I have a number of timers set at different times how will I know how each are progressing?

At the top of the screen you see numbers 1 – 4, 5 – 8 and 9 -12. This is your dashboard for all the timers you have set. If white it just means the time has been set but the timer isn’t running. If green it means a timer is running. If amber and flashing then the timer is due to go off within 60 seconds. If red and flashing it means the timer has already gone off.

If I have a number of timers in use, is there a way to check when the final dinner will be ready?

Go to the top left corner of the app and touch the “Finish Time” button. This button allows you to toggle the timers between Duration Time (the original alarm time that you set ) and finish time i.e. when will each of the alarms sound in real time. This enables you to calculate across all of your set timers when you meal will be ready.

How will I know my timer has gone off?

You will hear the alarm tone you set sound for 10 seconds then it ceases. The timer changes to red. The dashboard number will change to red and flash. The individual timer panel captures what the elapsed time is from when the alarm sounded at the set time. It will keep capturing elapsed time until you touch the “X” button on top right of timer panel. This will keep your timer title and the original time set for use next time.

What if my timer doesn’t go off?

The Well Done Cooking Timers use the device notification system. Make sure notifications are turned on and that your device volume/ringer is not muted.

How will I know what time I have set the timer for?

The timer panel displays the duration time on the left hand side of the timer panel above the Set Timer/ Pause/Resume button. This will remain the same until you choose the reset the duration time. The Count Down button reflects how many minutes remain for the timer and when the timer has sounded will also capture the elapse time from when the timer originally ended.

Can I use this app on my iPhone or android devices?

We are planning to bring out these versions in the near future. At the moment the app is only available on Apple iPad.

Are there other uses for the timer?

We designed this timer specifically for cooking use however it can be applied to any timer situation where a countdown timer is required such as :-
  • Yoga or exercise workouts
  • Quizzes
  • Napping
  • Therapy treatments
  • Laundry
  • Hairstyling

Can I change the alarm sounds?

This version of the app has only X sound choices. We are working on a Pro version of the App which will allow you choose your own sounds for the Timers alarms. This is currently not available and is coming soon.

Can I change the background picture on the timers?

For this version of the Well Done Cooking Timers App this is standard picture. Our next version of the app will allow this to be replaced with your own chosen image.

What if I want to reset all of my Timers?

Go to the top right hand corner of your iPad screen and touch the “Reset” button. This will stop all running Timers that you have set but maintain their settings.

Can I keep the Timers that I have already pre-set on my app?

Yes the Timers will remain as you have set them so they are available for the next time you choose to cook that item. We recommend using some of the timer buttons for standard pre-set times like 5 minutes or 10 minutes or 15 minutes (maybe at the back number of Timers) so you can quickly continue cooking an item that may require further cooking time. That way you don’t have to change your original timer.

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